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Hi, we're AppointPal 

We're making it faster & easier to book appointments with the best providers than ever before.

Our story

AppointPal is the first multi-specialty provider network built on a full stack technology platform that is redefining how healthcare & related services are discovered and delivered from end-to-end. We didn't create AppointPal because we thought it was easy to find and book appointments with the best providers, it was quite the opposite actually. As anyone who has needed to access a health, wellness, dental, cosmetic, vision or any other type of provider knows - the process isn't as easy as it should be. 

Our approach

If you're like 77% of consumers in the United States, your first step is still an Internet search box. Type words into a box, hit enter and then what? Then you're left searching through dozens of provider search engines and directories with millions of providers in their databases. Having been a part of creating some of these initial products, we knew there had to be a better way than people searching for needles in haystacks for hours at a time. 
Powered by our proprietary full stack technology platform, AppointPal has built a suite of services that is rewiring legacy systems the way they should be - more efficient, more effective, more human - for both consumers and providers. We envision a world where consumers are able to make better informed decisions in significantly less time - knowing they'll receive the highest quality of care and service for whatever they might happen to need. 

Our network

Membership to the AppointPal provider network is available by invitation and free for eligible providers. Please request an invitation to determine eligibility and learn more about how AppointPal providers are enhancing operational efficiency, increasing profitability, reducing wait times, and improving the overall quality of care. 

Grow your practice 

with AppointPal

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