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Get $150 off the next appointment with your favorite providers.



Request appointments with your favorite providers.



Receive an invitation with your confirmation code. 



Provide invitation to your selected provider to redeem $150.

Get $150 off your next appointment now

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By requesting an appointment and joining the appointpal ambassador program you verify & agree 1) that all information provided by you in connection with the appointpal ambassador program is accurate; 2) to all terms and conditions of the appointpal service and it's privacy policy; 3) that to the best of your knowledge the provider you are requesting an appointment with is not already a member of the AppointPal provider network. To receive the $150 credit towards your appointment provider and or an associated practice must 1) not already be a member of the appointpal provider network; 2) complete the onboarding process needed to become a member of the appointpal provider network and receive payment by appointpal on your behalf. Terms are not guaranteed for any period of time. All terms may change at any time.  Eligibility to receive the discounts outlined herein or within any promotional offer are in the sole discretion of AppointPal. These promotions are a limited time offer subject to change. AppointPal reserves the right to suspend, modify, or cancel any promotional offers at any time. 
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